Pet Food Business for Pet Lovers and Business Seekers.

Start a home pet food business with Healthy Safe Natural Pet Products.

Are you wondering if a pet food business is the right home business for you? So did I!! That was in 2006 and I've never been happier with a business decision. I'll share some of the reasons why later.

Are you tired of doing something that you don't love? Are you trying to find something that you can work from home or anywhere?

Here are some questions you may want answered.

What is important to you in starting a small business from home? Do you have questions about whether or not a home pet food business or people product business is right for you; which company is the right fit for you; and who is the right sponsor and mentor to coach you in how to successfully build and start your business from home? Is that what you are looking for?

Have you been disappointed in other work at home business choices? Signed up and abandoned by a sponsor? I have and You won't find that here. Instead you'll find a coach and mentor committed to coaching you on building a solid business and starting your own business from home.

I am serious about what I do which is offering a safe and healthy pet food. Being a Representative with Trilogy International, I also have the choice to promote other great products that our Company offers. (People to Pets and the Planet)

I am also serious about helping you build a successful business for yourself if you decide this could be something for you.

A couple more questions: Do you have a pet or know anyone who has a pet? Know anyone who has a pet that doesn't feed them? Anyone who has a pet that wants to feed them old, spoiled, Non human quality products...intentionally? Of course not!

With the growing awareness of what is actually in pet foods, people are turning to us for a safe alternative. Millions of pet owners need to hear the truth about pet foods and the timing couldn't be more perfect to start your own pet food business from home.

Are you looking for a home business that is fun, simple and lucrative? Are you a motivated, passionate person who cares about the health of pets, who wants to earn an incredible residual income by simply recommending our exclusive product line. Great!

If you are all or any of the above the pet food business
could be for you!

By offering pet owners healthy solutions to common pet problems, you can help animals live a longer life, which also allows you to earn a monthly residual income for life. Discover how good it feels to offer healthy alternatives to millions of pets and their owners.

It is my goal to provide you with details on our pet food business. You'll also learn specifics on our company, our team, and my personal commitment to you should you decide to join me and our team in this wonderful people to pets home pet food business journey.

We have a team that is dedicated to your success and we thrive on helping others achieve what they want in a business from home. I am here to help you accomplish your goals, whatever they may be.

Want to know more About Us?

We're a holistic pet food company that has chosen to direct ship our products to the public rather than through pet stores. We do this on purpose. Our formulator is a holistic veterinarian, Dr Jane Bicks with 30 plus years of expertise in the pet food industry. She's worked with many of major pet companies in the past but left them years ago because they went the way of economics rather than better nutrition.

Dr Jane realized that most pet foods get spoiled and damaged by the way that they are sold through stores. The industry average for pet foods to sit around is about 6 months to a year.

So we bypass pet food stores altogether and ship the freshest product in the industry right to people's homes. Our products are also all natural and all human quality. Most pet foods are made from what's been rejected for people.

So in a nutshell, there's really no other pet food business that can come close to what we do. We're not subject to the dictates of the mass market, so we can do whatever is necessary to provide a safe and healthy product. All our ingredients are inspected for human quality by (APHIS) the Animal Plant Health Inspection Service, and our food is usually never more than six weeks old by the time you get it. In fact, we don't even let our ingredients sit around the warehouse for more than one day before we put them in food. We've been in business for over ten years and have never been recalled.

If you love pets and you're looking to build a rock solid business that's what we have to offer. The pet industry is over 40 billion dollars, so the opportunity is incredible. And unlike any other pet food manufacturer, we let you keep your customers for life, with absolutely no inventory or monthly autoship requirement.

We're creating a real revolution in the pet industry. That's also why we attract so many pet professionals like groomers, breeders, pet sitters, etc. They have been cut out of the market for years and yet they make product recommendations everyday.

Millions of people are hoping to find better nutrition for their pets every day, and we have what they are looking for. You will not only earn from the first time sale, but from many years of repeat business.

You can earn up to 9 levels deep, we have bonus pools that pay you on company profits nationwide. We also have all the training and tools anyone needs to be successful in this business. Plus we have a world class product formulator behind us. Does this sound like something you are looking for? Would you like to earn a little or a lot?

More and more workers will continue to leave the work force and start their own part-time networking business. Why? They are bored or frustrated with their present jobs. Industry experts estimate that 40% of all sick days occur on Fridays and Mondays. This estimate confirms the workers' desire to leave a boring work place environment.

Whenever you decide to join an opportunity, it should be long term. I'm not a big fan of fad products that change peoples' habits, because it won't last. On the other hand people need to feed their pets. And since our products work, they stick with our company for years and years. That means you can build your income for the long run.

After all, if your going to invest your time and energy into something, it only makes sense that you want it to last.

This is a company with heart and soul, that has the distributor in mind!
One company three great ideas.

Or just a healthier pet food for cats? for dogs?

Interested in the products for People and the Planet?

Interested in making money with a home pet food business?

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Did you know MORE money is spent in the Pet Food Industry than the Toy and Baby Food Industries Combined!

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