How To Alleviate Ringworm In People and Pets

Ringworm in people… nobody gets ringworm anymore you hear this said all the time, but that is not necessarily true. There’s more than one type of ringworm in this world. Plus not only can people have this problem you have ringworm dogs, ringworm cat and can also have other pets with ringworm; such as guinea pigs, horses, calves, sheep and others as well.

You might see a rash that is raised and a circular "wormlike" appearance you can feel pretty confident that you have the classic symptoms of ringworm. And no, it has nothing to do with a "worm." The name was initially given to this infection obviously because of its shape. And yes, there was a time that people thought that a worm actually was lurking just beneath the skin making those marks.

Ringworm has nothing to do with worms and everything to do with fungus. It is actually a fungus that lives and spreads to the top layer of skin. It is very contagious and people and pets can get it in a number of different ways. You may also hear ringworm referred to as tinea corporis.

Did you know that ringworm is also related to the following?

Athlete's foot, (referred to as tinea pedis) which is a rash that affects the moist areas lying between your toes.

Jock itch, (referred to as tinea cruris ) which affects your genitals, inner upper thighs as well as your buttocks.

And should you get ringworm on your scalp, you've got yet a different variety of ringworm. This is not the same condition as ringworm of the body. This is called tinea capitis, which is most often found to occur in children. Like its relative, ringworm of the scalp involves the growth of red, itchy patches on the scalp. This form of the infection leaves behind bad patches which eventually grow back.

Remember ringworm is contagious. It can be transmitted in any number of ways. If another person has tinea, you can develop it from direct, skin-to-skin contact with them.

If your pet has ringworm, you can get it from them as well, simply by touching them. You may find you have ringworm following a grooming session with your dog or cat or just by petting your precious family member,But dogs and cats aren't the only pets that may end up with ringworm. If you have a pet ferret he may get it, and thus give you, ringworm. The same thing goes for animals such as rabbits, goats, pigs, and horses.

Preventing ringworm is possible; you need to know the following:

1. Learn more about this fungus
2. Cleanliness is vital to eliminating fungus.
3. Complete the treatment from your physician or Vet as instructed.
4. Don't share personal items.
5. Limit - at least for a while - contact with others

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The contents of this book are strictly for educational value. None of the information contained herein is intended to substitute for the diagnosis or a consultation with your personal care physician or your pets vet..

If you do have the symptoms of ringworm which last longer than one week, seek immediate medical care.

None of the remedies presented are endorsed by the publishers of this book. They are presented as a representation of what some individuals have found to be successful treatments for ringworm.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone that may be having problems with Ringworm, whether for people or pets there is tons of great information to read.

Ringworm often occurs in pets with a suppressed immune system. Giving your cat healthy safe cat food and supplements that is rich in the additional nutrients your cat may need to meet his or her unique requirements will help with a depress immune system.

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How To Treat Cats With Ringworm

Learn HowTo Treat Ringworm In People

This information is intended as an informational guide only. This is not to be substituted for professional physician or veterinarian care. Always ask your Physician or Veterinarian for advice and have them explain why they have chosen that treatment and what the side effects are.


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